DSC_5526-2Building on the legacy of the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute and School of Sculpture,  The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc. promotes the appreciation of and education about sculpture and public art thorough the creation, maintenance, sales and public placement of Seward Johnson’s sculpture. The Seward Johnson Atelier is the exclusive owner of copyright in Seward Johnson’s sculpture and is committed to educating the public about his artistic legacy. The Seward Johnson Atelier has received a gift of a collection of Seward Johnson sculpture, and will continue to produce and sell sculpture, with the proceeds of sales, exhibitions and licensing being devoted to sustaining its exhibition and educational programs. We provide training for artists and skilled craftspersons in modeling, enlarging, casting, fabrication, paint and patina, and may offer those production and conservation services for a fee to sculptors and cultural institutions with an emphasis on promoting public art.




Daydream by Seward Johnson ©2007
Photo by David Steele

Tours and Demonstrations  are available on a limited bases. We are active modeling, enlarging, mold and pattern making, metal working, and finishing with both paint and patina. We also perform sculpture conservation, restoration, and installation services. Tours usually take 60 minutes and are available with group reservations. Contact info@atelier.org for information and reservations.